First Wave of Game Submissions

I’ve asked GMs who expressed an interest in running a game to get their game details into me just before the weekend. Below are links to the first wave of games to come in.

Already we’ve got a good mix of fantasy, horror and science fiction.

  1. Return to the Savage North, Swords and Sorcery action using OpenQuest.
  2. The Mermaids of Magda horrific dungeon-crawling using Best Left Buried.
  3. The Guns of Olympus Mons Far future science fiction action using River of Heaven.
  4. Babylon Recall – A Blakes Seven adventure Using Code of the Space Lines.
  5. Only Fools Rush In for Stargate 5th.
  6. Fire, a horror adventure using the Dead of Night rules.
  7. The Great Wain Robbery, a Halfling heist caper using the WFRP 4th Ed rules.
  8. Legion of Gold,  Gamma World 1st Edtion an adventure of post-apocalyptic exploration.

More exciting games to come.

Visit this page to sign up (spaces limited and going fast).

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition


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