Captain Moonray and the League of Unspeakable Evil

System: The Doomed (Blades in the Dark reskin)
GM: Declan Feeney

For decades the league have been second rate villains in Epic city, hardly rating a byline in the papers, but last year you hit it big. You were listed in Captain Moonray’s Annual as part of his Rogues Gallery, at the bottom of page six, just under Donny the double-headed squid. Now its time to seize your newfound fame and perform a crime so auspicious it will forever immortalise your league and ensure your place in future rogues galleries.

For two weeks the city are holding a gala to celebrate the Heroes of the city and City Hall has an entire wing dedicated to the ‘Awesome Six’. You’re plan, so audacious it makes you weep, is to sneak in at night and to steal the masks from statues of the ‘Awesome Six’ permanently revealing their secret identities. Whilst there you might even deface the statue of Moonray, or reposition them in the most compromising of poses. Do you have what it takes to make yourselves legends?

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The Doomed by Sage Le Torra (co-author of Dungeon World) is a reskin of the Blades in the Dark RPG, and is one of its stretch goals. It takes the game into the worlds of superheroes. You’ll be playing the small-time villains trying to make it big in a world where an alien invasion is just another Tuesday. New characters and crew types give you everything you need to play in the style of The Superior Foes of Spider-Man and the Giffen/DeMatteis Injustice League.

Hostile Negotiations

System: Star Wars (WEG version)
GM: Kris Main

The Rebel Alliance has need of as many friends as it can make, even if they are less than reputable. So when Jabba the Hutt asks for assistance escorting one of his employees to a trade negotiation on the planet Dosha, the desperate Rebels assemble a crack team to answer the call.

Your mission is simple: get the negotiator to his meeting and ensure that the negotiations remain civil, or at least profitable, and show Jabba that he can work with the Alliance.

Manta Prowl Tank Down

Slot: Afternoon
GM: Simon Burley
System: The Code of the Spacelanes

Three months ago Judge Burke and Judge Hair headed out into the Cursed Earth to track down the evil Malignant Seven. Now Judge Hair has called for retrieval of the survivors. A Manta Prowl Tank was duly dispatched. However, on the way back an engine fault has cashed it to crash, killing some of its crew and some of the prisoners are loose. Malfunction or Sabotage? Can you make it back to Mega City One alive and with perps under arrest?

Second Wave of Games

We’ve now completely filled two slots of six tables with spaces for 30-36 gamers on the day. Since the first wave of games, we’ve had another four submissions.

  1. Murky Waters, an adventure for The Cthulhu Hack.
  2. Guard of Honour, an adventure for Ars Magica.
  3. The Bishop’s Treasure, step into the world of the Medieval Outlaw in this Fate driven adventure.
  4. Breakout! – A Marvel Heroic adventure featuring the Avengers.

If you want to be in on it go sign up on the Winter Con 2020 page.

More games are coming, just waiting for the details, and we’ve now expanded the convention beyond its initial six table allocation, to twelve tables, taking over Fan Boy 3 for the day 🙂


Game System: Marvel Heroic
GM: Guy Milner

The electricity is down across New York, and a breakout is happening at The Raft, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s super-prison. Amidst the confusion, can you find out who staged the breakout, and find out who is really behind it.

MHRPG is a Cortex-plus Narrative comic-book RPG which emulates the furious action of the Marvel comics. If you’re a Marvel nerd, this adventure is the start of Brian Bendis’ New Avengers run. If you’re not, no problem – no prior knowledge required, and it’ll diverge pretty fast anyway.

Winter Con 2020 now Twice as Big

Winter Con has now doubled in size since we now have an additional six tables downstairs at Fanboy3, bring it up to a total of 12 tables over two slots (morning and afternoon) serving up a total of 24 games.

Now we just need some more players and Games Masters.

For more information (including all the glorious games we have so far) and registration, visit this page:

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition

Guard of Honour

System: Ars Magica
GM: Martin Smart

You are members of Berinor, a covenant of the Order of Hermes. One of your covenant’s wizards, the revered arch-magus Scribonius, is travelling to another covenant in preparation for the Grand Tribunal. It is a long and arduous journey, and potentially dangerous, as King Louis is at war with the Duke of Normandy and his ally the Emperor, and mercenaries, outlaws and other predators roam the land. Naturally, a powerful wizard such as Scribonius has little to fear from such petty mundane threats, but equally, it would be inappropriate for someone of his standing to arrive at the covenant without a suitable entourage. Your task, therefore, is to escort the archmage to his destination, deal with routine matters that are beneath his concern, and ensure that you and he arrive in a presentable manner, one befitting his station.

Ars Magica is a game set in the Middle Ages, but in which magic and the supernatural are very much real and have an influence on the everyday world. The game’s focus is on magi of the Order of Hermes, their companions and servants. No prior knowledge is required for this scenario.