Old Man’s Trip

Trudy’s gone missing. A friend of yours from your early 20s, you met her during your lost-party years. Always up for anything and a frequent drug taker, she was the life and soul of any party she gate-crashed. While the rest of you mellowed out and got on with life, she took herself around the world in search of new adventures. You were going to meet her on her triumphant return in a bar in Manchester five days ago. When you got there, all you received was a hastily scribbled note saying she had gone to take mushrooms up near Old Man’s Trip a local beauty spot in the Pennine village of Mingsborough.  That was five days ago. Her parents are worried the police have come up with nothing.

Time to get the crew together take it upon yourselves to find her.

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Liminal is Paul Mitchener’s (friend of Go Play Manchester) hit RPG of British Folklore and Supernatural goings-on. You take the role of a Liminal, a person who has one foot in the mundane world and another in the supernatural Hidden World. You might be a wizard of the High Council of Merlin, or a changeling with fae blood, a werewolf, or an investigative journalist who became aware of the Hidden World through chasing a story. The system is straight forward 2d6 vs target number game, with characters having special abilities tied to their concept. No knowledge of the setting or system needed.

Note: this replaces the previously advertised Ghosts of Alexandria that will run at a future Go Play Manchester.

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