GPM Feb 2020 Player Allocation

The meet-up starts at 1 pm, with a quick hello from me, and games start at 11:15, with games finishing at 5 pm.

We have two spaces left, in Josh’s Stars Without Number and Guy’s 13th Age Glorantha game. Please contact me if you want to join either of those games.

Please remember there is a £2 fee, to cover the shop’s cost, payable at the shop counter.

If you are no longer coming, please let me know via the contact page.

Ok here’s the player allocation.  See you Saturday!

Old Man’s Trip The Wages Ophir The Dread Fortress of Captain Penfold
Winter Top’s Shadow
Liminal Savage Worlds Stars Without Number 13th Age Glorantha
Newt Chris Josh Guy
Roderick Jeremy Short Charles Bancroft Nick Hart
Will Hobson Steven Blyth Thomas Henshaw Becky Austin
Doerte Neil Benson Tara Davenport Alice Preece
Udo Andrew Grant John Smithe Jon Higgins
Matthew Thomas Richard Waring SPACE SPACE