Go Play Manchester Online March Player Allocation

Ok folks here’s the allocation for the first Go Play Manchester Online.

GMs have been sent these lists along with your contact email and will be in touch to explain how to join their game. Any problems with this please contact us. Also if you are no longer able to play please let me or the GM know, so we can readvertise your space.

Saturday’s Games 1-5 pm

Message from St Michel (Achtung Cthulhu)

GM: Steven Blyth (aka Blythy)

John Smithe
Jonathan Cockram
Jeremy Short

The Edge of the World (Skyraiders)

GM: Newt Newport

Joshua Clark
Neil Benson
Brendan Larkin
Joy Phillips

The Lightning Station (13th Age)

GM: Guy Milner

Becky Austin
Jon Higgins
Dorte Boehle
Udo Kaiser

Sunday’s Games 1-5 pm

Defenders of the Dragon Empire (Monkey)

GM: Newt Newport

Joshua Clark
Jonathan Cockram
Jeremy Short
Jon Higgins

Nyarlathotep: His Part in My Downfall (Only War)

GM: Roderick Hamilton

John Smithe
Charles Bancroft
Dorte Boehle
Udo Kaiser

The Bishop’s Treasure (Fate)

GM: Paul Mitchener

Brendan Larkin
Guy Milner
Andrew Whiteoak
Becky Austin

Defenders of the Dragon Empire

System: Monkey the RPG
GM: Newt
Day: Sunday 29th March

The Pilgrims have started their Journey to the West! They seek the missing scrolls of Buddhist Cannon that will help bring harmony and order to the Dragon Empire. Demons know this and fear this. Not only do they attempt stop the Tripitaka, Monkey, Sandy and Pigsy in their mission to India, they run amok in the Empire itself. If they cannot stop the pilgrims they seek to reduce what they aim to save to ashes!

Only the brave men and women of the Dragon Empire’s Martial Arts Circles fight back against the demonic onslaught. Each victory they win they increase the people’s hope of Heavenly Order returning to the Universe.

In this game you play brave Wuxia Heroes and Heroines who defend their city against an onslaught of demonic enemies from outside and within the walls. It uses a hacked version of Monkey the RPG, a straight forward fast-moving narrative game using playing cards.

Flying Swords of Dragon Gate visually nails it for me about were the Kung-Fu element should be.

The Lightning Station

System: 13th Age
GM: Guy Milner
Day: Saturday 28th March

The sky has fallen in! Well, not quite, but one of the Archmage’s weather stations that helps keep the worst of the storms at bay has fallen down onto the hilltop village of Stoneseat, and word is it’s happening all over the Empire – somebody must have sabotaged the cloud giant weather station in the Overworld! Can you race against time to fix the lightning station before the cataclysmic weather rips the empire to shreds?
A 5th level 13th Age adventure of high fantasy hijinx with gnoll airship raiders, pegasus riding paladins, and insane cloud giants. Pregens provided. Hangouts and Roll20 (for dice and pictures, 13th Age is a D&D-adjacent game that isn’t about counting grid squares)


The Edge of the World

System: Skyraiders of the Floating Realms (D100 Fantasy)
GM: Newt Newport
Day: Saturday 28th March

Six months ago, you came to the Sky Realm of Asknor. It’s a small sky island about 50 kilometres across, with a tiny population most of whom mine magic crystals for a King in return for food. Its blissfully peaceful, if somewhat basic place. This morning as the sun rose in the sky above the rim of the island, you awoke to the sounds of commotion. Big Humbug, the village where you’ve been staying, is in a state of panic. “The Stone Plague is here!” one of the villagers screams.

“It’s already eaten Little Humbug” another one shouts as she grabs her kids and belongings.

“At this rate, it will be here, well any time now!” a usually reasonable Elder barks. “Head North, my friends, to the Sky Port and jump on the first Sky Skip you can!” she orders both you and the panicking peasants.

You feel the ground under your feet shake uncontrollably, and see the far end of the village break up and fall from the sky as a mess of broken stone and earth.

Its time to run and get off this rock.


Skyraiders of the Floating Realms is a light-hearted Fantasy Adventure Role-Playing Game. It uses a quick and straight forward D100 system (which will be provided). The game will run over Google Hangouts

The Bishop’s Treasure

System: Wolf’s Head (Fate)
GM: Paul Mitchener
Day: Sunday 29th March.
Feudal England is a cruel and unfair place. The commoners labour all their lives for the benefit of knights and lords to feast and fight. Most commoners aren’t even allowed to leave the land allotted to them. When there is a foreign war, another punitive tax comes along, and whole villages are burned for not paying. And for the most part, the people duck their heads, take cover, and hope it doesn’t happen to them.
But not you. You’ve had enough, and snapped, defying the local lord. You’re now a criminal—a wolf’s head—in the name of the law, and labelled a bandit or worse. An outlaw, driven to the fringes, forever on the run.
On the run… but not alone. There are others who think like you, and together you’re more than just bandits. You’re rebels, fighting for the common people, doing what you can to help them while spitting in the eyes of the nobility.
More information
Wolf’s Head is one of Evil Hat’s World of Fate adventures, which Paul wrote for them.

Message from St Michel


System – Achtung! Cthulhu (Fate Core)
GM: Stephen Blythe (Blythy).
Day: Saturday 28th March.

September 1940, the battle of Britain rages in the ski

es and a desperate message is received from a British agent in occupied France. The message gives the codes requesting assistance from Section M, the unit recently formed to combat the Nazis’ attempts to harness the powers of the occult. As Section M operatives you will be dropped behind enemy lines to find the agent and find out what’s going on.

Players will just need to open an account on Roll20 if they don’t have one (free) and be able to use Google Hangouts for video and voice.

Nyarlathotep: His Part in My Downfall

GM: Roderick Hamilton
Rules: Only War (set in WW2 Cthulhu).
Max number of players: 4

Day: Sunday 29 March.

There’s sand in your shoes, sand in your tank, sand in your cuppa char, and Rommel’s got the Afrika Korps breathing down your neck. The last thing you and the lads need is an encounter with inexplicable forces, knowledge of which could Drive One Mad From The Revelation! Luckily you and the rest of the crew of D for Dragon have what it takes to handle such circumstances – Courage, Pluck, and a few dozen rounds of 75mm High Explosive, courtesy of the Yanks.

This scenario places the players as the crew of a British M3 Grant medium tank in the Western Desert theatre, early 1942. Themes of exploration, adventure, and cosmic horror are expected, no player-versus-player, personal horror or heavy gore. Combat is to be expected but should only take up around 25% of the session. No historical knowledge required, and if you have a lot of it, be prepared to hold it in for the sake of the other players. Nerdy chat is welcome before and after.

This is part of the 1st Go Play Manchester Online meetup on Saturday28 /Sunday 29 March, which you can sign up to here.

Go Play Online Sat 28 & Sunday 29 March Register now!

In place of our regular face to face meet up at Fanboy 3 this week, we are running an Online version over two days, with a social at the virtual pub the Mitchester Arms the night before.

Friday Night: Social at the Mitchester Arms.  Our regular guest GM Paul Mitchener set up a virtual pub for gamers over Google Hangouts, which ran with great success last Friday. He’s making it a regular weekly thing, and we have a table where we can meet and say hello to one another before mingling with the rest of the pub.

GPM Online March
The main event split over two days with two games on Saturday and Sunday, with more to be announced during the week.

Saturday 1-5 pm

  • Message from St Michel – Actung Cthulhu (Fate version) with Blythy.
  • The Edge of the World – Skyraiders of the Floating Realms (D100 Fantasy) with Newt

Sunday 1-5 pm

  • The Bishop’s Treasure – Wolfshead (Fate) with Paul Mitchener.
  • Nyarlathotep: His Part in My Downfall -WW2 Cthulhu using the Only War rules with Roderick.

More games to come since we’ve had at least one GM throw his hat into the ring since we got the initial line up sorted.  Also, I’ll release the full descriptions of each game, along with requirements for virtual gaming tabletop and any joining instructions from the GM as the week progresses.

For now, register your attendance. You can attend just one day or both. If demand is high, you might only get into one game.

Once you’ve registered, I’ll email you when you can choose your games, which should be either Wednesday or Thursday. I’ll then notify you when people have been allocated to the games, either Thursday or Friday night at the latest.

If you are new to online gaming, I’d recommend this guide to playing RPGs online by Dom, who is a seasoned convention GM.


You’ll need a headset with a microphone as well as pc with a robust internet connection.  I would recommend getting a reconditioned call centre headset with a USB connection. Not only are they cheap from eBay, but the quality is also excellent, and they are amazingly robust.

Any questions please get in touch via the contact page.

Go Play Manchester Meet Ups Postponed until Further Notice

It is with great sadness that I’m postponing Go Play Manchester at Fanboy 3. Yesterday’s Government announcement about Corona Virus and its guidance for the general public to avoid unnecessary social contact made it clear to me that we can not continue. And that we should not do so since our community will have people who are at risk, or have family members who are at risk.

When some form of “all-clear” is called, we will work with Fanboy 3 and restart the meetups as quickly as possible.  Please subscribe to our newsletter, so we can tell you when we are reopening.

Plans for Online Go Play Manchester
In the meantime, we are working on keeping our community together by moving our meetups online. We are still working on the details of this, but I’m aiming to have this up and going on what would have been our next face-to-face meetup on Saturday 28th March.

If you are interested in GMing at our first virtual Go Play Manchester, please email me at mrnewt@gmail.com.

If you are interested in playing, even if you are new to online rpging, we will provide joining instructions sometime in the next week or so to coincide with game sign up. Again if you want details of this when it happens, sign up to our newsletter.