Defenders of the Dragon Empire

System: Monkey the RPG
GM: Newt
Day: Sunday 29th March

The Pilgrims have started their Journey to the West! They seek the missing scrolls of Buddhist Cannon that will help bring harmony and order to the Dragon Empire. Demons know this and fear this. Not only do they attempt stop the Tripitaka, Monkey, Sandy and Pigsy in their mission to India, they run amok in the Empire itself. If they cannot stop the pilgrims they seek to reduce what they aim to save to ashes!

Only the brave men and women of the Dragon Empire’s Martial Arts Circles fight back against the demonic onslaught. Each victory they win they increase the people’s hope of Heavenly Order returning to the Universe.

In this game you play brave Wuxia Heroes and Heroines who defend their city against an onslaught of demonic enemies from outside and within the walls. It uses a hacked version of Monkey the RPG, a straight forward fast-moving narrative game using playing cards.

Flying Swords of Dragon Gate visually nails it for me about were the Kung-Fu element should be.

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