Call for GMs for April Online Meetup (Sat 11/Sun 12)

Hi all

I’m looking to hold the next Go Play Manchester Online for April next weekend (that’s Sat 11/Sun 12).

So far we have me and Guy Milner up for GMing. Ideally, we need another 2-4 GMs if we are going to do Sat/Sun with three games like last time, or 1-2 if we are going to do one day’s worth.

So if you are interested in  GMing next weekend please get in touch with me by return, via email

I’ll hopefully be in the position to announce player and game sign up by this coming Wednesday.

Apologies for the short notice, but I realised that my original date (weekendn of Sat 18th) is when Virtual Grogmeet is on and many of the GPM regular GMs are involved including myself!

Hope you are all keeping well.

All the best

;O) Newt

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