Survival of the Fittest

System: Shadow of the Demon Lord
GM: Guy Milner

Day Sunday 12th April
Time 1-5pm

When vicious bandits waylay a caravan bound for an outpost on the edge of civilization, you are the only survivors, trapped and lost in a hostile wilderness.

If you would live to see another day, you must learn to work together and discover the people they might one day become.

Shadow of the Demon Lord is a D20-adjacent system of dark, doomed fantasy, where terrible dangers lurk everywhere and adventurers must strive to delay the inevitable doom. No prior system knowledge is needed – it’s a really straightforward system.

This adventure is 1st level, with pregens provided – and a few spares as well, since it’s possible not everyone will make it out of the Old Wood alive.

Players: 3-5

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