Sign up for Go Play Manchester Online May 2nd/3rd 2020

And here we go, sign up for the next instalment of GPMO online is up and live!

1. Review the games available.



2. Fill out and submit the following form.

[Event passed form removed]

3. Please note by signing up to Go Play Manchester you are signing up to the event not a particular game. Please give 1st and 2nd choices for the days you are attending. It makes it easier for me as the organiser to allocate players to games and makes sure that none of the GMs is without players. If you do only want to sign up for one particular game, please note you will have a lower priority for allocation to that game than someone who gives me a 2nd choice.

4. Once all the games are full, by Friday at the very latest I will email you with a link to the page which has the game allocation on. The GMs will then contact you via email with instructions on how to join.

Any questions please contact us. Also if you can not make it please let us know before the game so we can reallocate your place.

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