Go Play Manchester May 2nd/3rd Player Allocation

Here we go folks this weekend’s player to game allocation.


Coddefut’s Stipule
Lyonesse RPG
GM: Chris Hart
pookie __
Tom Gaffey
Andrew Jones

The Werewolves of Manhattan
Monster of the Week
GM: Steven Blyth
Debbie Bagg
John Smithe
Udo Kaiser


Edge of Destruction
GM: Paul Mitchener
Tim Gray
Roderick Hamilton
John Smithe

This is Not an Exercise
River of Heaven
GM: Newt Newport
Debbie Bagg
pookie __
Udo Kaiser
Dörte Böhle

Players, GMs have your contact details and will be in touch with joining instructions.

If you can no longer play, please let your GM know as soon as possible or contact us via the contact page.

Thanks to everyone who has signed up. Have fun games! 🙂