Fan Boy 3 Open and Still Ace

Over the years I’ve seen the term “Fine Local Gaming Store” (or FLGs) thrown around to describe many a games store, but Manchester’s Fan Boy 3 with its perfect storm of gaming space and well-stocked selection of games truly deserves the title. And they have been our generous hosts over the last year and a bit, before lockdown.

I’m happy to say back in July they opened the shop. I made a visit recently with Henry, my 10-year-old son. It was quieter than usual, but then again it was during Wednesday afternoon. Henry and I were able to look around the shop, which is all set up with the required safety standards. The two-metre distancing squares and the one-way system makes the shop floor look like a game board. There is handwash and a perspex screen by the till. It’s all very unobtrusive, and my greatest fear that the familiar fun place, I go to grab my gaming supplies would be significantly dulled by anti-Convid 19 measures were utterly unfounded.

Talking of gaming supplies me, and Henry filled my man-bag with stuff; A Pokemon box set for Henry, a beautiful gleaming copy of Theros the new D&D book, and the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit (the starter set for the full game which comes out soonish).

I even had a natter with Phil, who was on duty that day in the shop, which was good. Cut short by our H pulling on my sleeve keen to join the rest of the family at the Manchester Cat Cafe (which I wholeheartedly recommend if you like fluffy cats).  I left not sure when I’ll be back again since I’m pretty much housebound here in Oldham since I work from home, but more than glad I had visited.

Another thing Fanboy 3 have done during lockdown is update their website,  so it’s even more clear about what’s going on at the shop. Also if like me you can’t make it into the shop, there’s now a web store.

Fan Boy 3 home page
Fan Boy 3 home page – click for larger image

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