Sunday 13th November’s Meetup

We are back on this date between 1 and 5 pm at Fanboy 3, just after the end of Grogmeet.

The following four games will be available

  • Agon: The Centaur of Ophanos
  • RuneQuest: The Garden of Evil.
  • Star Frontiers: Bugs in the System
  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (set in the Napoleonic War): O’er the Hills and Y’ha-nthlei

If you want to come register with our Warhorn event page.

Games sign-up opens the Sunday before the meet-up, you will be notified via email.

There’s more space available for games, prospective GMs read our guidelines and fill out the following form.

Look forward to seeing you

;O) Newt

Registration opens for Sunday 11th September

We are back at Fanboy 3, on Sunday 11th September from 1 pm to 5 pm.

Got a great selection of games on offer. Already have the From the Loop and Fallout RPG in the bag, with at least two more games on the way.

Games sign-up opens this coming Sunday (4th), with registrants getting the first choice.

If you would like to GM, go fill out our games submission form.

Please note, in advance, the charge for the event has gone up to £4 payable on the day at the till.

Look forward to seeing you at the event.

All the best

;O) Newt

Attendee Registration for Saturday 15th Jan Meetup Now Open

It’s a new year, and we are back with our first face to face meet up of Go Play Manchester at Fan Boy 3 on Saturday 15th January, 1 pm to 5 pm. 

The event is public, and If you’ve not attended one of our events before, you are welcome to come along. 

Game signup will happen two weeks before the event, on Saturday 8th January. You have to register for the event beforehand, and it will open at 8 pm. 

Please note there is a £3 charge payable to the venue on the day.

Once registered, if you can not attend, please un-register since this frees up your seat for someone else to come. 

We currently have spaces available for GMs, so if you are interested, read our GM’s Information page and take it from there. 

The Triumphant Return of GPM!

Sunday 14th November saw the long-overdue return of Go Play Manchester. Four games, with solid numbers (2 full, 2 one player away from being full). Lots of happy gaming 🙂

Everyone was keen for us to become a regular thing again, so we are with another meetup in the early new year on Saturday, January 15th 🙂

GM sign up to come soon, with player registration to follow.

Grim Con 2020 Game Allocation

Here we are the Grim Con Game Sign ups

Dead End (Dead of Night)
Sue Savage
Jonathan Cockram
Jeremy Short
Roderick Hamilton

Forgotten Duty (Cthulhu Hack)
Lee Williams
Andrew Jones
Udo Kaiser

In the Hereafter (Call of Cthulhu)
Martin Smart
Tristan Narbrough
Sacha Ratcliffe

Isle of the Dead ( Mythras )
Tim Gray
Tom G

Picking up the Threads (Aftermath)
James Summerson
pookie __
Robert Mills
Michael Watson

The Flight of the Finger Eater (Best Left Buried)
John Brough
Matthew Thomas
John Kennon

The Giant of Horcum (Liminal)
Mark Willoughby
Brian Parker (Spindrift)
Joy Phillips
Christopher Read

The Toxic Jewel (Alien)
Mike Perceval-Maxwell
Charles Bancroft
Starsky Stewart
Dan Mohorter
May Tomkinson

Your GM will contact you shortly with instructions on how to join their game.

IMPORTANT! If you can no longer make your game, please contact us and let your GM know. We can then reallocate your space if time allows

If you signed up to any of the non-gaming events, Roderick who is organising them will contact you.

Games Sign Up for GPMO July 11 Games Allocation

Games sign up is now closed, and here it the player allocation.

Blood on the Brown Cordry – Liminal with Roderick Hamilton

  • Udo Kaiser
  • Doerte Boehle
  • John Smithe
  • Charles Bancroft

Darkpool Rock – Best Left Buried with Blythy

  • Evil Gaz
  • Tom Gaffey
  • Newt

The Birds – Tales from the Loop with Guy Milner

  • Michael Watson
  • Andrew Jones
  • Pookie
  • Tim Gray

The Tyrant of Gadir – Barbarians of Lemuria with Paul Mitchener

  • Mark Willoughby
  • Neil Benson
  • Marc
  • Andrew Cowie

Go Play Manchester Online Saturday 11th July Registration Open

Hi all,

The next Go Play Manchester Online is on Saturday 11th July.  Most games will be held 1-5 pm using a variety of online tools (Roll 20, Google Meet for example), and there will be a few in the morning or even the evening.  If you register you are guaranteed a place and are told as soon as game sign up opens via email.

Games on offer:

Note: You must be over 18 to attend this online event.

Register for the event here

Go Play Manchester May 2nd/3rd Player Allocation

Here we go folks this weekend’s player to game allocation.


Coddefut’s Stipule
Lyonesse RPG
GM: Chris Hart
pookie __
Tom Gaffey
Andrew Jones

The Werewolves of Manhattan
Monster of the Week
GM: Steven Blyth
Debbie Bagg
John Smithe
Udo Kaiser


Edge of Destruction
GM: Paul Mitchener
Tim Gray
Roderick Hamilton
John Smithe

This is Not an Exercise
River of Heaven
GM: Newt Newport
Debbie Bagg
pookie __
Udo Kaiser
Dörte Böhle

Players, GMs have your contact details and will be in touch with joining instructions.

If you can no longer play, please let your GM know as soon as possible or contact us via the contact page.

Thanks to everyone who has signed up. Have fun games! 🙂

GPMO April Game Allocation

Here’s the final allocation of players to games for this weekend’s Go Play Manchester online.  GMs have been contacted with lists of players and contact details so they will send you joining instructions shortly.


Greenwood of the Fey
Charles Bancroft
pookie __

Please note this game could do with at least one or two players, please let us know if you would like to play via the contact form.

Return to the Savage North
Andrew Cowie
Dörte Böhle
Udo Kaiser
Jonathan Cockram

Warlords of the Meatgod
Guy Milner
Jeremy Short
Steven Blyth
Rob Arcangeli


Survival of the Fittest 
Dörte Böhle
Udo Kaiser
pookie __
Jonathan Cockram

Please note A Touch of Sun (Beyond Dread Portals) isn’t running due to zero signups. I’m taking this as a sign from the Universe to get out in the sun and do some gardening 😀

Thanks for everyone for pulling this together at such short notice.  Future GPMOs will have a longer lead-in time 🙂