A Great Time was had at Wintercon

Go Play Manchester Wintercon went down a storm yesterday. Twenty-five attendees made it through the rain, and the cold, and eight games were played throughout the day. We even squeezed into the Port Street Arms for a post-con chat.

I ran RuneQuest in the morning, we went up the Winter Gods Glacier – and an epic time was had. In the afternoon, I ran my cyberpunk game, Reboot the Future, and that was awesome too 🙂

I’ll be sorting out dates with Fanboy 3 soon. Thanks to everyone who came.

Here’s some feedback via Twitter

Tales from the Loop this afternoon at

@goplaymanc Great GMing from Udo. Deadly robots, the bending of time, and beating the bullies at roller hockey. Odd how the GM found an actual photo of me from the 80s for my character

Blythy @sjamb7 on Twitter

Really great to get around the table for a day at @goplaymanc WinterCon at @goplaymanc – enjoyed getting into being an Ewok in @ottomancer ‘s excellent Edge of Empire game. Very atmospheric and fun! Kenner have been on, they’re making a line of Flunge for next Xmas!

Dirk the Dice – The GROGNARD files RPG podcast @theGROGNARDfile on Twitter

Fantastic day at the ebullient @Newtus @goplaymanc WinterCon – I played an ewok shaman in @ottomancer ‘s excellent Endor’s Game, and Trouble Brewing from @cubicle7 ‘s Soulbound RPG – a great pub crawl one-shot. Will deffo get Soulbound to some cons now – a smooth system.

Guy Milner, orgaiser of Go Play Leeds. @milnermaths on Twitter

I had a great time at #WinterCon today. I ran FFG Star Wars in the morning, and played 2d20 Conan in the afternoon. Lots of fun with @_AndyHemming @RoderiHamilt @theGROGNARDfile @milnermaths @Newtus and many others.

In person RPGs are still > online RPGs.

John Ossoway @ottomancer on Twitter.

Finally, here are some photos from this great day out.

The Triumphant Return of GPM!

Sunday 14th November saw the long-overdue return of Go Play Manchester. Four games, with solid numbers (2 full, 2 one player away from being full). Lots of happy gaming 🙂

Everyone was keen for us to become a regular thing again, so we are with another meetup in the early new year on Saturday, January 15th 🙂

GM sign up to come soon, with player registration to follow.

Winter Con 2020 a Big Thanks!

The idea was simple to run a day meet up, with games in the morning and afternoon, to celebrate Go Play Manchester’s 1st Anniversary.

Two months of constant publicity, on Twitter, Facebook, word of mouth through the shop at Fanboy 3, later and suddenly on Saturday 11th at 10 am when I walked through the door 40 odd people were already there eager to get on with the gaming. And after my brief introduction, they did, sorting themselves out with tables and getting down to the hard work of rolling dice and describing their characters actions.  I joined John Ossoway’s River of Heaven game and had a cracking time being a space marine in a slick sci-fi action thriller (read my review here).

Even due to last-minute dropouts we ran 13 games over the two slots

The Mermaids of Magda, The Guns of Olympus Mons, Only Fools Rush In, Fire, The Great Wain Robbery, Legions of Gold (Redux), Murky Waters, Breakout!,
Manta Prowl Tank Down., Hostile Negotiations., Captain Moonray and the League of Unspeakable Evil., GoblinQuest., The Rumble in the Bronx (Marvel Superheroes FASERIP).

Fanboy 3, as usual, were excellent hosts.  I cannot emphasise how much of Go Play’s success both at Winter Con and during the usual monthly meetups are down to Hedi and her staff. It’s a lovely, comfortable venue, where the game shop side of the business is neatly pushed to the side to allow a massive amount of organised play as well as pick up games in-store. The games side of it is well maintained and fantastic, with a wide range of boardgames and RPGs. My wallet is significantly lighter after browsing the excellent selection of RPGs during the con.

We took an hour for lunch which gave folk time to socialise as well as decamp to local eateries nearby in the Northern Quarter and Piccadilly Gardens. After the con was over a large group of us went to the Port Street Beer for a few post-con real ales 😊

Will we be doing it again this time next year? Hell yes! It’s inspired me to run another one day con later in the year (details to follow because it is still in discussion), as well as commit to more regular afternoon meetups which starting next month.

Note, there have been two changes in how we organise things that arose from the day.

  1. Saturday suits us so much better than Sunday, and more importantly Fan Boy 3, who run regular D&D events on Sunday. We were struggling for numbers and they were struggling to fit us in alongside the D&D. So while neither side is not ruling out Sunday Go Play’s in the future, in the main, we shall now be meeting on Saturday afternoons.
  2. To help with the increased attendance, and if I can’t make it on the day, Roderick, who some of you have had the pleasure of playing in his WFRP/W40K, is going to be my deputy.

Thanks to everyone who came along and played or ran a game at Winter Con and made it such a triumphant day.


;O) Newt

Other reviews of the day:

A gallery of photos from the day.


Go Play Manchester I After-event Report

Thanks to all the GMs and players who turned up to Go Play Manchester yesterday (Jan 13) and made it such a fun event.

Nice to meet so many new folks, and lovely to see familiar faces too. You all warmed me to the core at the end of a cold first week of 2019.

A diverse selection of five games ran, from mainstream games like D&D 5th and Warhammer 4th Ed and Star Wars Edge of Empire, as well as indie RPGs run by their authors, Hunters of Alexandria (Paul Mitchener) and Cthulhu Hack (Paul Baldowski).

Special thanks to Andy and Bexs who helped me run my first game of D&D 5th Ed proving that an old dog can learn new tricks. Thanks to Hedi at Fanboy 3 for having us, and sorting out the tables beforehand.

Next GPM Sunday 10 February, sign up to the newsletter for more info and for notifications when the game sign up goes live (should be 1st week of Feb). If you would like to GM, go to the GMs page read it and use the Games detail form to submit a game.

I leave you with some photos…