Morning Games

Go Play Manchester 2020 Dates

Currently, we are meeting online once a month due to Covid 19, but hope to be back at our regular venue Fan Boy 3 in Manchester once it is safe to do so.

Games take place over internet using a variety of virtual tabletop/meet up software (Roll 20/Google Meet for example) with one GM and up to a maximum of four players.  To be notified of when player registration is occurring, and when we are sending out a call for GMs sign up to our newsletter.

Note: You must be over 18 to attend this online event.

These are the current future dates:

Saturday, Oct 24th. Slightly later this month, to let us recover from Grim-Con and also Furnace Online which a large number of us are attending/running at on Oct 11th-12.

Sunday, Nov 15th, 1-5 pm. Post-Grogmeet meetup. Grogmeet is a small con which starts on Friday, has its main day on Saturday, and since it is run by the Grognard Files podcast there’s an interview on Sunday morning with a RPG luminary. We then complete the weekend with a final chance to game before attendees go home. To attend Grogmeet itself you have to be a patreon of the Grognard Files.

Saturday, Dec 12th.

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