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Go Play Manchester 2020 Dates

We started the year with our 1st birthday meet up, Winter Con.

Now its back to monthly afternoon meetups now Saturday afternoons 🙂

Saturday, February 8th. 1-5 pm.

March 28th. 1-5 pm

April Saturday 18th, 1 pm-5 pm

May Saturday 16th 1pm-5pm

June Saturday 13th  – this coincides with Free RPG day so the format may be slightly different to accommodate that, but since its Free RPG day, it will be FREE!

Go Play Manchester takes a break over the Summer months, and then we get back together with a bang for…

September Saturday 12 Grim Con 10 am-6 pm.  Its grim op North, so this is a day of Horror and Dark Fantasy games. There may be Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Cthulhu amoungst other things:)

Saturday, Oct 24th, 1-5 pm.

Sunday, Nov 15th, 1-5 pm. Post-Grogmeet meetup. Grogmeet is a small con which starts on Friday, has its main day on Saturday, and since it is run by the Grognard Files podcast there’s an interview on Sunday morning with a RPG luminary. We then complete the weekend with a final chance to game before attendees go home. To attend Grogmeet itself you have to be a patreon of the Grognard Files.

December is full of Christmas stuff for us organising types so again we’ll be taking this month off and getting back together in the new year at Winter Con 2021.

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