GPM November 2019 Post-Grogmeet

On Sunday November 10th 2019, we shall be meeting up as usual on Sunday 1-5 pm at Fanboy 3 in central Manchester.

Since its the next day after Grogmeet, a one day RPG-mini-con@fanboy3 , I’m inviting any Grogmeeter who hasn’t fled our fair city and fancies an afternoon of gaming with us to come along.

So I have an idea of numbers please register below. I will then contact you a week before the event when we do game sign up via this website. You’ll know which game you are in by the Friday before Go Play Manchester when I post player allocation on the site and email you.

Please note £2 is payable on the day to the venue per player.

I’ve got some of the regulars and Chris organiser of Grogmeet down to GM, but if you fancy GMing let me know when you sign up since I still need GMs.

These are the games we have confirmed so far:

Only War – The Undoing, run by Roderick Hamilton.

RuneQuest – A Dry Run in Prax, run by Newt Newport.

Troika –  The Cage of Sermit, run by Stephen Blyth.

Vurt – Never mind the Buzzcoughts, run by Chris Hart.

Look forward to seeing you.

Sign up for post-Grogmeet November Go Play Manchester!