Forgotten Duty

System: The Cthulhu Hack
GM: Paul Baldowski

A visit to the University of Navarra, located in Pamplona, Spain, in search of a rare book—the chronicles of a monk who claimed to have witnessed visions of other worlds—leads to a grim investigation.

A short investigation for The Cthulhu Hack, set in the modern-day.

Paul is one of our Special Guests. Come play a game with the creator of the Cthulhu Hack – a rules-light horror game which goes back to the original HP Lovecraft stories for its inspiration.

In the Hereafter

System: Call of Cthulhu
GM: Lynne Hardy

September 1923: Recruited by Prof. Wang Enlai of the American School of Archaeology in Peking (Beijing) to uncover the meaning of an alarming telegram from the explorer Langdon Warner, the investigators find themselves in Sian, the ancient former capital of China and start of the Silk Roads of old. But as they check into their lodging house, they overhear another guest complaining about the disappearance of his beloved walking cane from his room. Who is behind the theft, and how does it link to a bizarre rash of petty crime currently affecting the city? 

In The Hereafter is a short introductory scenario for The Children of Fear campaign setting for classic Call of Cthulhu.

Its been run by one our Special Guest GMs, the Associate Line Editor for Call of Cthulhu, Lynne Hardy.

The Giant of Horcum

System: Liminal
GM: Paul Mitchener

The Hole of Horcum, on the North York moors, is a vast hollow half a mile across. In folklore, it is said that a giant called Wade created the hole when he scooped up a vast fist full of earth to hurl at his wife during an argument.

In the world of Liminal, there is truth in folklore, and a giant was recently spotted in the area. Meanwhile, a local village has fallen victim to a mysterious malady. The player characters must of course investigate.

This game of Liminal, a game of British Folklore, is being run by one of our Special Guests, the game’s author Paul Mitchener.

The Isle of the Dead

System: Mythras
GM: Newt

In the Kingdom of Tura when monarchs die, they make the final journey to the Isle of the Dead. It is an arduous journey that only royalty may make. The corpse is prepared by the priesthood of Tura and then is taken overland to a secret port, where a boatman takes the body to the Isle and from there it passes through the Door to Eternity into parts unknown.

Only the Brotherhood of Tura knows that something has gone wrong with the delivery of the last King.  Now they must get a group of foreigners together to find out what has happened. Perhaps these chosen ones will get the opportunity to peak through the Door of Eternity and see what is on the other side?

Mythras is a D100 based roleplaying game of Mythic Fantasy. This adventure is a straight forward introduction to the system and its way of presenting living mythology. It features characters who come from a vibrant and living culture, exploring a realm where the grim reality of death is all too every day.

Inspired by this painting by Arnold Böcklin, and the brooding orchestra music of Rachmaninov.

The Haarvest

System: Dark Heresy/WFRP 4e hybrid
GM: Roderick Hamilton

We came for the tithe. It came for us.

In the grim darkness of the far future, the Imperium of Man spans a million worlds. Vast fleets patrolling the stars, trillions of soldiers under arms, and wondrous feats of near-magical engineering are all that stands between mankind and annihilation. …and someone’s got to pay for all that. And someone else has to work out, “how much?” That’s where you come in. 

In this Lovecraft-inspired session, you will play one of a small band of bureaucrats and skilled civilians assigned the onerous task of inspecting and assessing the island settlements of The Brume, a remote archipelago on a recently reconquered human colony. This session will focus on investigation and mystery, with the potential for action and gore.

This is one of the games for Grim Con 2020 – registration open now.

Picking up the Threads

System: Aftermath (FGU)
GM: Chris Hart

Sheffield, 1984, nuclear fall-out from a ground-burst at Crewe is falling on the city. The emergency operations team are coordinating the relief efforts from the basement of the town hall. Energy supplies are low, the battery cells on their short-wave radios have nearly run out, what options remain?

Over 18s, bring a calculator

This is one of the games for Grim Con 2020 – registration open now.

Fan Boy 3 Open and Still Ace

Over the years I’ve seen the term “Fine Local Gaming Store” (or FLGs) thrown around to describe many a games store, but Manchester’s Fan Boy 3 with its perfect storm of gaming space and well-stocked selection of games truly deserves the title. And they have been our generous hosts over the last year and a bit, before lockdown.

I’m happy to say back in July they opened the shop. I made a visit recently with Henry, my 10-year-old son. It was quieter than usual, but then again it was during Wednesday afternoon. Henry and I were able to look around the shop, which is all set up with the required safety standards. The two-metre distancing squares and the one-way system makes the shop floor look like a game board. There is handwash and a perspex screen by the till. It’s all very unobtrusive, and my greatest fear that the familiar fun place, I go to grab my gaming supplies would be significantly dulled by anti-Convid 19 measures were utterly unfounded.

Talking of gaming supplies me, and Henry filled my man-bag with stuff; A Pokemon box set for Henry, a beautiful gleaming copy of Theros the new D&D book, and the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit (the starter set for the full game which comes out soonish).

I even had a natter with Phil, who was on duty that day in the shop, which was good. Cut short by our H pulling on my sleeve keen to join the rest of the family at the Manchester Cat Cafe (which I wholeheartedly recommend if you like fluffy cats).  I left not sure when I’ll be back again since I’m pretty much housebound here in Oldham since I work from home, but more than glad I had visited.

Another thing Fanboy 3 have done during lockdown is update their website,  so it’s even more clear about what’s going on at the shop. Also if like me you can’t make it into the shop, there’s now a web store.

Fan Boy 3 home page
Fan Boy 3 home page – click for larger image

Under Snowhill

System: 13th Age
GM: Newt

Snowhill Manor in the Shirewolds, the hillside home of Sir Albus the Collector, is under attack by an organised force of goblins. The Council of Summerset sends a group of adventurers who just happen to be nearby, on their way home to nearby Borton on the Water, to relieve their ally. The weather takes an unexpected turn for the worse, and the party take refugee in a roadside Tavern, where things take a devilish twist.

An adventure for 13th Age set in a Mythic version of the Cotswolds. High on action, fantasy, mystery and excitement. 13th Age is a straightforward narrative version of D&D written by two of the designers of D&D’s 3rd Edition (Jonathan Tweet) and 4th Edition (Rob Heisonloo). Characters will be 1st Level, and the adventure will be suitable for players who have not played 13th Age before.

The Grief of the Blood Countess

GM: Steven Blyth
Game: Mork Borg

You’re beginning to wonder if this was a good idea. A handsome payment to simply rob a funeral procession? What could be easier?

Until you discovered that your employer was Glax, the infamous blind traitor. And that the funeral procession was that of the sister of the blood countess, Anthelia, on its way back home across the bleak wastes of Kergus to the Glass City. All Glax wants is the sarcophagus. Just a dead body. Harmless. Isn’t it?

Mork Borg is a rules-light game of dark fantasy, set in a doomed world ruled by mad kings and tyrannical cultists.