The Rumble in the Bronx

System: Marvel Superheroes (FASERIP)
GM; Kris Main

Wild animals, mutants beasts, and Dinosaurs (yes, dinosaurs) are reportedly terrorising citizens in The Bronx. Whilst the authorities are capable of dealing with a few wild animals, this requires more Heroic intervention before things get out of control.
Can the Superheroes of New York stop the rampaging beasts, discover how and why they appeared in The Bronx, and bring an end to this nightmare? Only time will tell…

Hostile Negotiations

System: Star Wars (WEG version)
GM: Kris Main

The Rebel Alliance has need of as many friends as it can make, even if they are less than reputable. So when Jabba the Hutt asks for assistance escorting one of his employees to a trade negotiation on the planet Dosha, the desperate Rebels assemble a crack team to answer the call.

Your mission is simple: get the negotiator to his meeting and ensure that the negotiations remain civil, or at least profitable, and show Jabba that he can work with the Alliance.