Go Play Manchester WinterCon 2020

LATEST NEWS: Winter Con has now doubled in size, since we now have an additional six tables downstairs at Fanboy3.

On Saturday 11 January 2020 we are celebrating our 1st birthday with a con at Fan-boy 3 in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

We have twelve tables of role-playing games for groups of up to five players, running over two-time slots 10-1 and 2-6, with an hour for lunch.

This is the current list of games, with more to come:

  1. Return to the Savage North, Swords and Sorcery action using OpenQuest.
  2. The Mermaids of Magda horrific dungeon-crawling using Best Left Buried.
  3. The Guns of Olympus Mons Far future science fiction action using River of Heaven.
  4. Babylon Recall – A Blakes Seven adventure Using Code of the Space Lines.
  5. Only Fools Rush In for Stargate 5th.
  6. Fire, a horror adventure using the Dead of Night rules.
  7. The Great Wain Robbery, a Halfling heist caper using the WFRP 4th Ed rules.
  8. Legions of Gold (Redux), an old school post-apocalyptic adventure using Gamma World 1st Edition.
  9. Murky Waters, an adventure for The Cthulhu Hack.
  10. Guard of Honour, an adventure for Ars Magica.
  11. The Bishop’s Treasure, step into the world of the Medieval Outlaw in this Fate driven adventure.
  12. Breakout! – A Marvel Heroic adventure featuring the Avengers.

If you would like to run a game, we currently need games, please sign up and then check out the Games Master’s Information page, and send in the details via the form on that page.

I’m inviting not only our usual local crowd but also anyone who fancies coming along for the day.  Being in central Manchester and the bus and train stations, it’s easy to get to, and there’s a range of hotels and attractions if you want to make a weekend of it.  Note: There is an Easy Hotel just around the corner from Fanboy 3 that comes recommended by attendees of Grogmeet 3 which was held at FB3 back in November.

Please sign up using the form below.

Once you’ve signed up I’ll add you to the attendee list.

Game sign up will occur a week before the event and I will contact you when it’s about to happen, as well as any updates on what is running.

Be aware that there is a £5 charge for the event, to cover costs, which will be payable on the day.

Sign up for Go Play Manchester Winter-Mini-Con!

Guy Milner running Warhammer 4th Edition